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I have been asked for a program that would help them beyond my book, Med Free Bipolar. A program to walk them through becoming med free and mind free. This program is the closest thing to the program that I would create myself. If one were to add in the Empowerplus™ Q96 brain vitamins on top of this 44-day Program, I believe extraordinary healing will occur in the brain! I highly encourage you to take advantage of this special offer Dr. Kelly Brogan is giving my readers: a Free eBook, a free chapter, a free Q&A session with her (9/16/16), and $100 off her program (only through 9/20/16!) Blessings & Med Free Health!  –Aspen Morrow


What would you give to feel whole again?

According to my friend, Dr. Kelly Brogan, this is all you really need to change your life:

Knowledge. Tools. Support. And a Reset.

Maybe you’ve been told that depression, anxiety and stress are an imbalance in your brain. That something in you is broken, and you can only “fix” yourself pills. That idea is a terrible myth. What is broken — and outdated — is our healthcare system.

These myths handed down by trusted authorities are keeping you sick and confused.

But with the right knowledge and tools — combined with the right support — you can hit the reset button and awaken the person you were meant to be. Naturally.

You can heal yourself.

Dr. Brogan, author of the best-selling book, A Mind of Your Own, sees patients in her practice in NYC as a holistic psychiatrist. She told me:

“I’ve seen women come to me drained of energy. Overwhelmed by anxiety. Sunken by depression. And I’ve seen those same women walk away feeling fully alive again. Healthy. Self-assured and in control. All without drugs.”

Now, Dr. Brogan has taken the very same knowledge and tools she uses with her patients, and combined it with an online support program called Vital Mind Reset. With this life-changing, step-by-step program, you can take the steps to a better life from your own home, and for a fraction of the cost her patients pay.

Here’s what one Vital Mind Resetter had to say about her experience:

I did the reset diet when A Mind of Your Own came out and felt fantastic. However the changes I’ve experienced while doing the Vital Mind Reset program have been dramatically more than I ever expected. This wasn’t just about diet. It was about changing my mindset and focusing on all of the components that the program addresses. Having the support of other people working to change their lives as well was also invaluable.

Vital Mind Reset is a 44-day program that will hold your hand and introduce you to a community of people just like you – all working to transform their lives and revive their power and joy.

This is the first time Dr. Brogan has opened up enrollment for Vital Mind Reset to my followers. So, for a limited time you can join the program at a steep discount.

Visit the Vital Mind Reset page to learn more.



You’re not crazy, just Hangry

Imagine a sweet little puppy: happy, playful, not a care in the world. Now, take his food away for three days, then set a big steak in front of him teasingly, then try to take it from him; he will bite your hand off and has turned MEAN. This is the case in about 80%+* of cases causing mental illness: the brain is just HANGRY. 

When a horse chews on a fence-post it is called “cribbing”, known to farmers as a sign of mineral deficiency or digestive distress. When humans act out, it is the same. Signs of micronutrient mineral deficiencies include: cutting/self-harm tendencies, hair-pulling, skin picking, autistic “stimming”, eating disorders, & most mental health disorders.

The brain requires about 20% of your entire nutritional needs, and just like a baby in the womb, it requires the first 20%! Most people aren’t psychiatric because they aren’t more than 80% depleted nutritionally. We are seeing more and more cases due to our depleted soils, processed food addiction, leaky gut, lack of probiotic  & healthy gut microbes that help assimilate nutrition, and genetic deficiencies that can actually be passed down. (i.e> folic acid and birth defects, potassium deficiency leads to moles & freckles)

I talk about this quite a bit in my book: Med Free Bipolar (Amazon), about Physical Ailments that can cause psychiatric symptoms, and HOW to fix them, step by step, with the med free method™

Here is a list of things that can look psychiatric, or cause people to be diagnosed:
· Hypoglycemia (including subclinical)
· Allergies and Sensitivities to Food, Inhalants, and Other Substances
· Dysbiosis (Overgrowth of unfriendly gut organisms, including Candida)
· Nutrient Deficiency
· Nutrient Overload
· Copper/Zinc Imbalance
· Poor Diet
· Mercury Toxicity
· Other Heavy Metals Toxicity
· Toxins (Carbon Monoxide, Pesticides, Aspartame©, etc.)
· Subclinical Hypothyroidism
· Adrenal Insufficiency
· Reproductive Hormone Imbalance
· Histamine Imbalance
· Pyroluria/ Over-Under Methylation/ MTHFR
· Lack of Exercise
· Lack of Sunlight
· Lack of Exposure to Greenery
· Suppressed Pain
· Musculo-Skeletal Misalignment
· Hearing Disorders
· Visual Disorders
· Sleeping Disorders
· Head Injury
· Sensory Integration Dysfunction
· Dental and Orthodontic Problems
· Parasites/ Urinary Tract Infections/ Antobiotics/ Leaky Gut/ Other microbiome issues
· Psychotropic Drugs, EMF/ELF

So, what if you could reverse some if not all of these issues through simple supplementation?! Some issues may require extensive gut-healing, dietary changes, and customized supplementation, but most can experience relief through a specific group of supplements. Here is a simplified version of my med free method™ that you can do immediately:

  1. Himalayan Pink Salt (2 tsp/day) & Lots of Good, clean, filtered or Alkaline Water!
  2. Empowerplus Q96 Brain Vitamin to feed the whole central nervous system (Backed by 20yrs clinical use, 28 medical studies, 44 researchers including Harvard, and $25 million in independent research. Few meds can top this proof. Nothing else can be substituted for this and work as well!) (Please order at www.medfreechild.com to save $ over Amazon or truehope) Research @ truehope.com/research
  3. Probiotics (QBiotics or Primal Defense) + Digestive Enzymes or Bitters 
  4. Essential Fatty Acids: Coconut Oil (eat it, put on skin), Omegas, Avocados, Grass-fed Butter, Ghee (My fist recommend for omega source is Green Pasture’s Blue Ice Royal Fermented Cod-liver with Butter Oil. It provides vitamin D & Vit K2) If you can’t tolerate it, then QOmega can be purchased with the Q96 and does not burp fish oil)

That’s it! Yes, this plan would run you about $120 per month, but because of this regime, I was able to live a normal life again. Work, get off public assistance, have healthy children and a marriage. I have been med free 13 years now, and a few days to a few weeks without my brain being fed the above nutrients, I return to bat-guano HANGRY. We have helped thousands now fully recover…. so please share this with anyone who might benefit.

Great Resources:

Safe Harbor (http://www.alternativementalhealth.com)


www.medfreechild.com (My affiliate link discount passed on to you!) Select one item to cart and one item to auto-delivery for your own wholesale pricing! Even my retail pricing is cheaper than TrueHope or Amazon

Best-selling book: Med Free Bipolar 

Kelly Brogan, MD — Holistic Psychiatrist 

*TrueHope Nutritional Support, Canada (based on 28 research studies spanning 20 years)

Patty Duke Predicted the Future of Mental Health


I wish Patty Duke had been a Med Free Bipolar

I was born and raised in Idaho, and one year ago when Patty Duke spoke at a women’s conference in Boise, I was unaware that she also lived in Idaho. We had a Q&A session with her, and I raised my hand. When she called on me I jokingly stated that I thought I was the most famous bipolar person in Idaho, but she obviously trumps me and my little ‘ol book.

I do not even remember what I asked her, I wish I did. Afterwards I waited in line a long time, and she signed a couple of my books for gifts to other people, and I gave her a signed copy of mine.

But I do remember one profound statement she made, eerily prophetic more than even she knew at the time. She said, and I may slightly misquote: “I believe that a cure for Bipolar will be found, and I don’t think it will be medication.” She incessantly licked her lips as a side effect of years on lithium, and I saw a glimpse of myself in 30 years if I had not found an alternative to meds.

I wish we could have met years ago, before the lithium side effects took their toll on her, and she could have given me countless insight as well. Her prophetic words will forever be with me now, markedly even more pronounced by her death. There is an answer already to bipolar and all types of brain disorders. Like she alluded to…it is not medication, but rather addresses the root of the issue: severe brain deficiencies, carried over from generations of depletion. But the good news is that is is fixable, with 20 plus years of research behind it. I do not have the voice, or the pull, or the clout that Patty did, but she had the heart, like I do, and so even if not together now, I will find a way to give voice to the voiceless…hope to the hopeless…and will fight until that message is as famous as she was. Rest in peace Patty, and I am so sorry I did not try harder to share my message of recovery with you. You and your work and your fight for people like me will not be forgotten.

Aspen L. Morrow, Author of Med Free Bipolar

Don’t throw out the Lithium Bath Water for treatment of Bipolar just yet


A friend of mine shared this on my Facebook page, quirkily asking me what I would reply? I replied: I would say: “Where’s the tea bag for the tea cup so I can drink and relax while soaking in some lithium bath salts? Then I’ll “pull the plug”….which is not a good term for that doctor to have used. Cause a normal person wouldn’t pull the plug.

Anyway, the exchange got me thinking about the section in my book: Med Free Bipolar (on Amazon) about lithium, lithium hot springs, and natural lithium supplements. So I went hunting for more information since there seems to be so little, and I found this little interesting exchange of info: (http://bipolarworld.net/Phelps/ph_2005/ph1331.htm)

Q:  Bath Salts w/Lithium & Bipolar
I am just starting down the road to working with the diagnosis of  cyclothymia, and dread trying out the usual meds because my body is HIGHLY sensitive to all inputs and have never easily tolerated ANY prescription drug. Antidepressants have crashed me into long periods of chronic fatigue.

I’m thinking about trying out bath salts that contain lithium. Whenever I visited a hot springs I have visited in another state, I always felt much better, no matter how horrible I felt going in. I later saw the mineral composition of the water and noted it contained lithium. I’ve just found some bath salts that are modeled after natural springs, and contain lithium. It’s not being promoted for mental health, but I want to try it.

So here’s the question: Have you heard of using bath salts containing lithium to treat cyclothymia or bipolar disorders?

“Dear D’ —
Haven’t heard of that. It does raise the interesting question: how much lithium might someone absorb from sitting in a tub with lithium? Surprisingly, there happens to be a study on that. Well, it’s from a company that I presume makes lithium cleaning agent for use in hot tubs, but it might shed a little light on this question.  They measured people’s lithium levels after sitting in a hot tub with 40 parts per million lithium ion, versus a tub with less than 1 part per million: think of it as a high lithium tub and a very low, almost zero lithium tub.
No difference in the blood levels of those sitting in these tubs for 20 minutes a day, 4 days a week for two weeks. 

This led me to wondering about the lithium concentration in “spa”-type hot springs. Searching Google (I love that tool): three “spas” had either no lithium at all or only a trace (less than 1 part per million). Looks like you’d get more lithium sitting in your neighbor’s pool, if he cleans it with lithium hypochlorite — but even that will lead to no appreciable lithium accumulation in your blood.  

As for your own tub and lithium bath salts: amazingly, there’s an article on that too!  Dr. Halevy and colleagues tested a salt from the Dead Sea, which happens to contain more lithium than average table salt, as a bath treatment for psoriasis. They dumped in what looks to me like a whole lot of salt (could it really have been “5 kilograms per packet? Like, 10 pounds in each bath?) and still there was no difference in the lithium concentrations in the participants’ blood, before and after, or compared to the table salt bath group. 

Looks like you’d have to use a really amazing amount of lithium in your bath salts to have any possible chance at affecting your lithium level.  We do think the level that matters is the one in your brain, not on the surface of your skin, right? So, the numbers here probably do answer your question: it almost certainly would have no impact at all.  On the other hand, I might feel better after a nice hot bath for 20 minutes every day, regardless of what was in the water!  

Dr. Phelps

June, 2005″ 

Ok, so even though the info is ten years old, it is still very applicable, and I think the question has still not been answered. So I am going to try and attempt to answer it, from my non-doctor, simply a fully-recovered BP 1 former psych patient viewpoint, if that’s ok with you? So why did “Dear D” claim that when she (or he) soaked in lithium-containing hot springs she/he felt better (as have MANY others, including myself), but the “scientific” evidence showed no difference in lithium amounts in the blood stream (“No difference in the blood levels of those sitting in these tubs for 20 minutes a day, 4 days a week for two weeks.”). Well, I think I know the answer why. Doctors always want to test and measure, to have analytical proof of something working or not working, but I want to know how those test subjects FELT. I know feelings are subjective, but sometimes they are all we have, and we want them to be better. Stable. Happy.  But from a scientific perspective, natural lithium in water and the lithium orotate that you can get over the counter from health food stores works on a cellular level, NOT in the blood, and it does NOT show up in blood tests. When natural (unlike prescription) lithium works in the cells instead of the blood, it takes a lot less amounts to achieve greater results!

It can be working without the kind of proof doctors are looking for in blood tests! 

Not sure yourself? Try it. You might like it, and so might your brain. 

But like the doc above said, the soak itself might be beneficial. Here is a great article on the benefits of salt soaking. http://www.saltworks.us/salt_info/si_Balneotherapy.asp

A few I liked from that site were:

  • “Repeated hot springs bathing (especially over 3- to 4- week period) can help normalize the functions of the endocrine glands as well as the functioning of the body’s autonomic nervous system.
  • Trace amounts of minerals such as carbon dioxide, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, and lithium are absorbed by the body and provide healing effects to various body organs and system. These healing effects can include stimulation of the immune system, leading to enhanced immunity; physical and mental relaxation; the production of endorphins; and normalized gland function.”

For a complete look at Lithium, see blog post: https://medfreebipolar.wordpress.com/?s=free+bipolar+lithium+ which is an excerpt from my book.

Have a Happy Life.

Aspen L. Morrow, CITRMS

Robin Williams brilliant manias will be missed

I am standing in Wal-Mart doing back-to-school shopping when my husband calls. “Didn’t you tell me once that Robin Williams had bipolar?” my husband asks. “Yes, why?” I say, catching something in his tone of voice. “Well, he killed himself today, I am so sorry.” He is sorry because Williams was one of my favorite actors. He is sorry because he knows how deeply personal it is to me each time we lose someone to this horrible condition called mental illness. Others may think that people who end their lives are weak somehow. Williams was brave to hold on this long.

I suffered from bipolar for twenty years, I have been free of it for over ten now. I do not think I could have survived even a couple more years as bad as things were before I found my med free method of treating it effectively. What is senseless to me is that hope is so close; I believe an answer has already been found to this horrific condition, but that so many drown with a life ring within grasp. If they only knew it was there.

I start crying on the phone with my husband, a pack of highlighters forgotten in my hand. I cry for his wife, for his son and daughters, fans and friends, and for all the lost talent this world will miss out on without him in it. So many have been taken by this horrible condition of the mind. ENOUGH!!!! I have had enough! I am tired of knowing what I know to help people and not being able to shout it to the world. I am tired of the senseless deaths, of the lost artists and musicians and some of the most gifted people of society. There is hope! There is healing! There is reprieve from the moods, madness, mayhem, highs and lows. I am sorry for the pain others experience yet relieved I am free of it finally. My husband holds me close when I get home, telling me that he is so glad I am healed of that dark and light disorder, bipolar. I lean into his chest and let him hold me.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 10.29.49 PM

Natural Lithium Orotate vs. Prescription Lithium: The Bipolar Relationship with SALT

Brain Boss


The Bipolar Relationship to Salt (Excerpt from Book: Med Free Bipolar on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JMSQ1YK and Books a Million)

Don’t have a COW, get a SALT LICK INSTEAD.

Salt can relax muscles, calm nerves, smooth out anger, and tame RAGE.

Lithium Orotate versus Prescription Lithium Carbonate:

The bipolar link to salt deficiencies has been understood for centuries. Lithium is a salt compound. Lithium carbonate was approved by the FDA for the treatment of mania in 1970, but had long been in use prior to that. It was discovered as an element in 1817, and was used in the treatment of mania as early as 1871.

Naturally occurring lithium-rich mineral baths and springs attracted people for their numerous health benefits, even including the word “Lith” in their establishment name to allure the public. Lithium used to be considered a good thing and sought after for its health benefits. Now it holds a…

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Natural Lithium Orotate vs. Prescription Lithium: The Bipolar Relationship with SALT


The Bipolar Relationship to Salt (Excerpt from Book: Med Free Bipolar on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JMSQ1YK and Books a Million)

Don’t have a COW, get a SALT LICK INSTEAD.

Salt can relax muscles, calm nerves, smooth out anger, and tame RAGE.

Lithium Orotate versus Prescription Lithium Carbonate:

The bipolar link to salt deficiencies has been understood for centuries. Lithium is a salt compound. Lithium carbonate was approved by the FDA for the treatment of mania in 1970, but had long been in use prior to that. It was discovered as an element in 1817, and was used in the treatment of mania as early as 1871.

Naturally occurring lithium-rich mineral baths and springs attracted people for their numerous health benefits, even including the word “Lith” in their establishment name to allure the public. Lithium used to be considered a good thing and sought after for its health benefits. Now it holds a stigma almost as strong as mental illness does.

Natural forms of lithium are less concentrated and are compounded differently than the prescription forms, so side effects are not as great an issue.

I am neither for nor against medications as a strict rule; I am however, very much for you knowing all of your options and alternatives. The doctors can let you know about all of the prescription options available to you, but they may not know about a safe, natural form of lithium.

Although this lithium, called lithium orotate, has not been clinically studied side by side with lithium in actual clinical trials that I am aware of, it has been tested by several of my peers with bipolar who did pretty well for years on lithium carbonate (by prescription), and then transitioned over to lithium orotate (found in health food stores). They found even greater health and stability without the side effects, prescription refills, blood tests, and fear of kidney failure.

If there were a safer, more effective form of lithium that you could get without a prescription, wouldn’t you want to know about it? I did, and even got righteously angry the more I learned. The very thought of doctors prescribing the prescription form of lithium makes me sick to my stomach since I discovered a healthy rather than toxic alternative!

NOTE: When using the Med Free Method™, it is important to follow water and salt recommendations. Too much water can dilute stomach acid and digestive enzymes, as well as flush out minerals and nutrients, while too little water will leave you with even bigger problems like constipation and dehydration, especially due to the increased salt intake.

Lithium Orotate (120mg), over the counter in health food stores

Most people don’t realize that lithium itself is not a drug, but a naturally occurring mineral salt, like potassium. It can be found in water, soil, and in fruits and vegetables. Lithium is vital for the proper functioning of every brain.

I often get asked how is lithium orotate different from lithium carbonate and lithium citrate (the ones prescribed)? Lithium orotate is in its natural mineral form, requiring less to affect more results. The body utilizes about 97%, whereas it takes large quantities of the pharmaceutical grade lithium, at near toxic levels, to be effective.

Dr. Hans Nieper of Germany discovered that lithium orotate or lithium aspartate penetrate cells more effectively than lithium carbonate. This means that smaller doses can be used to achieve therapeutic results, versus the higher doses of prescription lithium that borderline toxicity levels. The effective therapeutic window using prescription lithium is dangerously close to the toxicity level, which is why regular blood/toxicity levels need to be checked through doctor supervision.

Lithium orotate is a safe over-the-counter mineral supple-ment that can be safely used to augment symptoms of:

• Stress
• Bipolar Disorder I & II (formerly known as manic depression)
• ADHD and ADD, Depression
• Alcoholism, Aggression
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Alzheimer’s, and much more

It is said to be effective for 70-80 percent of individuals with bipolar who take it! I was scared of this natural remedy for quite a while. Even the name scared me into thinking it was like the prescription lithium, of which I had heard horror stories of kidney failure, blood lithium level checks, and other debilitating side effects similar to what I experienced while taking Depakote.

I encourage you to do your own research, but I have read quite extensively now on this natural salt. I have talked to chiropractors, health-food storeowners, and naturopaths about its safety and efficacy. I can see that it may be amazingly beneficial to many people without the harmful side effects.

For the “broke, busy, or lazy,” lithium orotate could be a first natural treatment protocol if desired, as it is quite inexpensive. It is more effective at much lower doses than prescription lithium because it goes directly into the blood stream and is more potent at low doses!

It can also be beneficial for every “normal” brain as well! It protects the brain in a number of important ways, and has recently been found that low doses can actually restore and increase the grey matter in the brain, which is said to be the source of intelligence. It preserves and even renews brain cells. Eight out of ten people given lithium orotate increased their grey matter by 3% in only four weeks! Nothing else so far has been shown to do this. Supplementing with small amounts of lithium orotate may also provide anti-aging benefits to the brain, as well as protecting it from toxins. Lithium can also:

• Block the damaging effects of excitotoxins like Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), aspartame (found in diet sodas), and other chemicals found in processed foods
• Help form new cells by enhancing DNA replication
• Help protect against brain cell death caused by anti-convulsant drugs
• May protect against damaging effects of illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and marijuana
• May repair the brain’s abnormally-functioning neural pathways
• Help chelate aluminum thought to cause Alzheimer’s disease (AD) so that it can be expelled from the body according to a 2001 abstract in Society for Neuroscience.

The most interesting thing that I found in my research of lithium was a case study where 27 Texas counties found that the incidences of homicide, rape, robbery, burglary, suicides, and arrests for drug possession were significantly higher in counties whose drinking water contained little or no lithium. Comparatively, places where water naturally contained higher amounts of lithium had lower crime rates, and fewer hospitalizations for mental illness, psychosis, neurosis, personality disorders, schizophrenia, and even eating disorders.


James Howenstine, M.D. spent thirty-four years as an internal medicine specialist before becoming convinced that natural products are safer, more effective, and less expensive than pharmaceutical drugs. He is the author of A Physicians Guide to Natural Products that Work, and believes that lithium should be added directly to the water supply instead of fluoride, especially in counties where lithium levels are deficient. Doing so would reduce crime rates, increase longevity of brain function in seniors, and help curtail the staggering number of children who are diagnosed with learning disabilities. “Since placing lithium in our water could improve general health and decrease the need for pharmaceutical drugs, there is little possibility this will occur,” Howenstine said.