Note to Self: Take Meds

Even as a MED FREE Bipolar, I sometimes forget to take my vitamins

Even though I have not regularly taken medications for over 10 years, and know that I never want to again, I still seem to struggle with remembering to take my vitamin therapy every day. Even though I know that without my vitamins, I will be back right where I started: involuntarily hospitalized being sick and force feed meds with no choice in what is being given to me. I do not understand why I hesitate or forget to take something so beneficial, even when I know it is my lifeline. Does anyone else struggle with taking even a natural remedy regularly? Not just out of forgetfulness, but like you are somehow compelled NOT to take them?


One thought on “Note to Self: Take Meds

  1. I will be the first to admit I am very neurotic about remembering to take meds or natural modalities, like my supplements and drinking my water. If I am doing something that I feel is imperative with keeping me out of the hospital (I’ve been hospitalized four times since I was diagnosed in 2007 & my goal is never to be readmitted again! ) I will do it. I’m driven to remember by sheer terror, which is not the best way to live! I’m working on changing this attitude around…not easy!


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