Bipolars walk among you undetected


So, cat’s out of the bag.  Hello, my name is Aspen Morrow, and I have Bipolar 1. I have been med free and have treated my bipolar naturally for the past 10 years.  I started this post in March anonymously, but who cares anymore if everyone in the world knows I have bipolar? This article featured me on the cover in a women’s journal regarding some of my story, but I would not give up my medical condition, because I don’t want to just be known for that. It has taken me 13 years to come to today. I am sick and tired of feeling ashamed for something that is out of my control.  I inherited bipolar.  It started in 1977, but I would not be diagnosed until 1999. I was a bipolar child with a mom who was an RN, and although she thought something was wrong with her precious daughter, she could not figure it out in order to get me help in time.  When I finally was diagnosed, that brought no relief either.  Does anyone else feel like it is unfair that people judge you and blame you for a disease? If I had cancer, would I be as ashamed and fear for my life and my career about people finding out? In light of the recent shooting events in CT, I think there is about to be an even bigger finger pointing at people with a “personality disorder”, and there will be people saying that the gunman’s  “mental illness made him do it”. Well I do not want that stigma perpetuated all over the internet. There are rare people in the world who are just evil, and there are people who legitimately need mental health help.  And do not even get me started on the fact that it is often times the MEDS THAT MAKE THEM DO IT!!!!!! And then there are people who have lived among you for years, completely sane, completely stable, whether on medication and doing great, or who are like me, and choose to treat it naturally. People who have known me for years and are just now finding out are like: “wow, I never would have known there was anything wrong with you!” Well, there isn’t anything “wrong” with me, but I thankful my crazy doesn’t show too much.

I am created just the same way now as  when my Creator, El Shaddai, knit me together in my mother’s womb. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God has given me a sound mind (II Timothy 1:7) and a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).  He revealed to me the cure that came from the very earth He spoke into existence. Words are so powerful that they have the energy to create.  We are created in His image, and so I am speaking Health and Life, Joy and Wholeness to you today.   Remember that no one has the right to judge you, so do not judge others.  For help from a friend of mine, who is an absolute inspiration, visit her blog: and read about Autumn Stringam’s amazing story of bipolar recovery. I especially like the entry: “selling yourself a stigma “.  Now Fear NOT, cause it’s amazing who will be brought into your life when you start telling your story in order to help others create theirs.


10 Years Medication Free Bipolar and counting….

Wow, I cannot believe it has been 12 years this week since I was involuntarily hospitalized for a psychotic episode in which I had the following experiences: paranoia, catatonia, mixed moods, mania, depression, severe sleep deprivation, and suicidal tendencies. What a couple of weeks that was, I gotta tell you. I was labeled as Bipolar 1, and when after I was released, a psychiatrist told me I would: be on meds the rest of my life, have trouble keeping a job, should consider not having children, and would probably be able to get medicaid help and disability if I needed it. Well, I am happy to report that instead: I have not been on medications in 10 years, am a successful entrepreneur and business woman of the year, have 3 awesome kids to which I am a great mom,  and I do not need disability or medicaid.  So…Nah nah nah nah nah.  The thing is though, is that I believe anyone can do what I have done. I am not the exception, except that I am, cause not very many people have the tools and resources that I have learned over the past 10 years that allow me to not only live a completely normal life, but allow me to live my life in such a way, that no one even knows or suspects that I have Bipolar unless I choose to share. I have a healthy marriage, healthy friendships, and get to live a life full of abundance and gratitude.  This is what I want for you. This is what I want for your loved one who is suffering.  There is hope and a future. There are effective treatments for this thieving, murderous disease; ones that do not include chemicals, and blood tests, therapies, circle-ups, and a litany of doctors.  I am here to give you a light at the end of the tunnel, who is ready to make a change?

Is Bipolar Hereditary?



I read in the book: “The Bipolar Child”, that each child had a 30% chance of being bipolar if one parent were bipolar, and WAY higher chance if both parents were bipolar.  I also sat down with a friend this week who said that she was so grateful that I confided in her the name of my upcoming book, because she herself is bipolar, her mother, nd late grandmother (who died from kidney failure due to lithium), and her uncle did an attempted murder/suicide due to being bipolar. Out of her siblings, most of them were bipolar, as well as her cousins. Wow… Can you imagine the dynamics of those family reunions?!

Another friend of mine, Autumn Stringham, who wrote the book: “The Promise of Hope”, had a Bipolar mother and grandfather who both killed themselves. Out of ten children, two of them  were extremely ill with bipolar until finding a natural cure.

Then take my Family Tree, wow, what gnarly branches :

My Mom’s Dad’s side: my Great-grandmother self medicated with alcohol and drank herself to death alone in an apartment.  Her husband, my great-grandfather, was an alcoholic who dies suspiciously in a barn fire when my grandpa was about seven. My Grandpa Popeye: undiagnosed Bipolar: Promiscuous, a drunk (until he eventually got sober), angry, moody, depressed at times, but mostly manic and productive his entire life until he was hospitalized for Alzheimer’s.

My Mom’s Mom’s side: Thankfully my grandmother is one of the most sane people I know, she had to be to put up with Popeye, but her sister killed herself, and that sister’s son is bipolar.

My Dad’s Dad’s side: There is good “story” evidence that My great-grandmother was bipolar and had to move in with family because she could not survive on her own, yet family couldn’t hardly stand her either.

My Dad: Diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder

My Mom: On anti-depressants, highly-functioning Registered Nurse, all of us kids and our dad are pretty sure she is Bipolar, but she won’t get diagnosed.

My mom had four kids, and 3 of us are bipolar: One med-free and stable, one newly on Seroquel and hopefully improving, and one un-medicated and unstable, who mostly suffers from mania, which he likes.

My mom’s sister is so very clearly Bipolar to everyone else, but if you mention that to her she will go berserk.

So, in answer to the question: Is Bipolar Hereditary? Well, I am not a doctor, or a gene specialist, but my answer would be “Yes”, Bipolar is VERY hereditary.

And then we will talk about my daughter, but that is for another day…..she is only 4 years old, so her story is still unfolding.