Is there a Natural Cure for Bipolar?

Did you know? Mental illness is highly preventable, treatable, and reversible using inexpensive natural cures? Just like many things out there, a better alternative treatment for Bipolar is already available. But why don’t you know about it?

Scurvy is something we all know the cure for, right? But how long did it take to become “common knowledge”? Scurvy symptoms include: General weakness, anemia, bleeding gums, loose teeth, depression, skin bruises/hemorrhage. It is Caused by a deficiency in vitamin C. We could have created a synthetic prescription like vitamin C to profit off of, but eating an orange is easier. So how long did it take for this simple natural cure to take effect? Well, let’s see…

1601: Lancaster – open controlled trial of citrus for scurvy; none died with lemon juice, 40% on ships without lemon juice died….Which is better? O% Mortality rate, or 40%? Duh….

1747: Lind replicated: randomized trial 6 treatments for scurvy; citrus superior to all other treatments

1795: British Admiralty ordered citrus on all navy ships

1865: British Board of Trade required citrus on all merchant ships

Lag from evidence to practice: 264 yr
Berwick, JAMA, 280(15): 1969-1975, 2003

So….what about mental illness? Is there as simple of a cure for mental health issues as there was for scurvy? Simple, then why did it take 264 years? Let’s look at some current case studies:

5000 BC- Egyptians were treating mental illness with specific foods, herbs, song, dance and art therapy.

460-370 BC Hippocrates: (Father of Modern Medicine) “All disease begins in the Gut.” He advocated that FOOD be the primary form of MEDICINE.

1757 – James Lind discovers vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy

1881-1959- Max Gerson cures cancer with detoxification and nutrition

1974- Linus Pauling- “The genes for mental illness are likely the genes that regulate brain metabolism of essential nutrients.”

1893-1988 – Roger J. Williams, P.h.D- Hall of Fame in orthomolecular nutrition. “When in doubt, try nutrition first.”

1908-1988- Carl C. Pfeiffer, M.D., P.h.D.- “For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect”– Pfeiffer’s Law Pfeiffer helped heal Schizophrenics by the thousands (studied 20,000!) in the ’70’s at his Brain Bio Center, mostly through nutrition and simple supplementation like zinc, B6, and amino acids.

2013- 20 independent research studies on Micronutrients for Mental Health that some show as much as 80% reduction in symptoms. When we will learn that scurvy was cured a long time ago, but so has the mystery of mental illness. It begins in the gut, with malabsorption of nutrients, leading to deficiencies. A malnourished brain, only 2% of our body weight, accounts for 20-50% of our nutritional needs. A malnourished brain will act up and act up. Is your brain depressed? Manic? Mad? Angry? Raging? Are your kids acting out? Feed them a Highly Potent, bioavailable micronutrient supplement (Like QuietMinds, EvinceNaturals…or Q96) and see the difference in 3 months or less! I recommend Q96 because it is the most potent, has the fewest pills to swallow, and it also the most affordable. ( By signing up as a distributor I can even get it wholesale for my whole family (we all have brains, but I am the only bipolar (recovered)).

When we will learn? Will it be another 264 years before the cure to mental illness will be “common knowledge”?  I hope not!  One in 5 of our children will be diagnosed with a mental illness before the age of 18, I want to stop and reverse this.  If diet truly is the CAUSE of mental illness, then our grandchildren may be diagnosable at a rate of 50% if things do not change. I believe the is already a natural cure for Bipolar. What do you think? Remember if I am wrong….there will always be some latest and greatest drug to go back to and try. Med management will always be there to fall back on. Contact me if you would like to know more about how the Med Free Method(TM) works.                                                          bizpic

Med Free Method(TM), Med Free Diet(TM) and Mental Mindset Recovery(TM) are all part of a simple plan to get well, be med free or on minimal doses, be mostly symptom-free, and to teach people how to fully recovery naturally from bipolar.