How to live MED FREE with Bipolar Disorder, all types



People ask what the secret to med free success is: these few things can undo a litany of damage from many disorders. It is just part of my investigative research for 11 years to heal myself and my child: No meds, no doctors, just Thriving, Naturally. People say supplements are “meds” and cheating, but our planet is depleted of minerals and our food is too altered and nutritionally sparse from farming practices and the time it takes to reach us to be viable. We just can’t and don’t eat well enough to restore our depleted brains. A hungry brain acts out. Feed it enough and it actually quits acting crazy. These simple (exact, NO substitutions!) steps below can help upwards of 80% of all those diagnosed with Bipolar. Update on the Med Free Bipolar Book: Book is in editing and final design. Expected release: March or April 2014.

1. Q96 Brain supplement (more research than ANY med on the market: 25 independent tests to date, placebos also, and 16yrs of safety) (one week) or (for one month supply).

2. High Quality probiotic (25-50 billion CFU or soil-based like Prescript assist or Primal Defense for Kids by Garden of Life, or QBiotics (

3. Cod liver oil or Omegas (for Vit D and Omega) by Green Pastures (flavor of chocolate creme is HORRIBLE, so capsules are better if child can swallow them).

4. IF brave enough to commit to whole diet, this woman HEALED her son’s autism, and is the most brilliant expert in the world, but when you combine this with the above three things, over 80% can go on to live completely normal lives with NO docs, no Meds, and no disorder. (Diet, book, and she has lectures online: Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride)

5. Inositol for anxiety, SPD, surround sound sensory. I have used it to stop panic attacks in 3 min.

6. If child has night terrors, bed wetting, etc, see above plus Vit B6 until pleasant dream recall is achieved.


One thought on “How to live MED FREE with Bipolar Disorder, all types

  1. Ok, I have had many times when I have been on most of these supplements and still have some select few but although I would say they are very good at helping they will not cure a genetic difference. I do not consider myself as ill. Just different. It is hard living in a society which judges differences as evil or just incapacitated, but we all have our special features within our differences. Yes I take supplements but I have also been completely mad at the same time, and that means I could have been worse without them. I have always had from childhood the feeling I was different. I am bipolar 1 diagnosed. I have rapid cycling and I have experienced petit mal, voices, and psychosis. I live med free and always have done. I have found ways to channel, use, stubbornly restrain, exercise and utilise. I made it to 50 and I am still wondering how. May be it is because I had no one to back me, no one to help, no one to pamper me into thinking I was ill, my attempts to snuff out the candle all failed there was just me and whatever the one life I have has to offer. Fate brought me to where I am now, It is what I have, it is now. Not then. Every minute is amazing.


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