Patty Duke Predicted the Future of Mental Health


I wish Patty Duke had been a Med Free Bipolar

I was born and raised in Idaho, and one year ago when Patty Duke spoke at a women’s conference in Boise, I was unaware that she also lived in Idaho. We had a Q&A session with her, and I raised my hand. When she called on me I jokingly stated that I thought I was the most famous bipolar person in Idaho, but she obviously trumps me and my little ‘ol book.

I do not even remember what I asked her, I wish I did. Afterwards I waited in line a long time, and she signed a couple of my books for gifts to other people, and I gave her a signed copy of mine.

But I do remember one profound statement she made, eerily prophetic more than even she knew at the time. She said, and I may slightly misquote: “I believe that a cure for Bipolar will be found, and I don’t think it will be medication.” She incessantly licked her lips as a side effect of years on lithium, and I saw a glimpse of myself in 30 years if I had not found an alternative to meds.

I wish we could have met years ago, before the lithium side effects took their toll on her, and she could have given me countless insight as well. Her prophetic words will forever be with me now, markedly even more pronounced by her death. There is an answer already to bipolar and all types of brain disorders. Like she alluded to…it is not medication, but rather addresses the root of the issue: severe brain deficiencies, carried over from generations of depletion. But the good news is that is is fixable, with 20 plus years of research behind it. I do not have the voice, or the pull, or the clout that Patty did, but she had the heart, like I do, and so even if not together now, I will find a way to give voice to the voiceless…hope to the hopeless…and will fight until that message is as famous as she was. Rest in peace Patty, and I am so sorry I did not try harder to share my message of recovery with you. You and your work and your fight for people like me will not be forgotten.

Aspen L. Morrow, Author of Med Free Bipolar


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