Author: Aspen Morrow



My world was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with Bipolar I December 1999 during a 2 week involuntary admittance to psych ward at the age of 22 my senior year of college.

First remembered severe Symptoms: 5th grade

Past medications: zyprexa, paxil, depakote, seroquil, abilify, lamictal, Ambien
Current medications: aspirin for occasional headache
Mostly Med Free/ 98% symptom and episode free for 10 years
Current regimen:

EMpower Q96 neutraceuticals from (4-8/day)
Krill oil/ omega/ or fermented cod liver oil

Probiotic from
Juice Plus occasionally
Inisitol (for sporadic anxiety)
Amino acids (laminine are the best ones) occasionally
Sweet Slumber by Schiff for sleep

Profile: Female, Married, 3 amazing children

I live a life full of abundance and purpose.  I will be releasing my first book in the Med Free Method Series: Med Free Bipolar hopefully Fall of 2013.


3 thoughts on “Author: Aspen Morrow

  1. What is your email?? I really want to find out now!! I think I’ve been looking for a person like you in ages… I hate these asshle doctors tryin to prescribe bullshit…I got screwed over for 6 yrs by them..ive had enough


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