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I have been asked for a program that would help them beyond my book, Med Free Bipolar. A program to walk them through becoming med free and mind free. This program is the closest thing to the program that I would create myself. If one were to add in the Empowerplus™ Q96 brain vitamins on top of this 44-day Program, I believe extraordinary healing will occur in the brain! I highly encourage you to take advantage of this special offer Dr. Kelly Brogan is giving my readers: a Free eBook, a free chapter, a free Q&A session with her (9/16/16), and $100 off her program (only through 9/20/16!) Blessings & Med Free Health!  –Aspen Morrow


What would you give to feel whole again?

According to my friend, Dr. Kelly Brogan, this is all you really need to change your life:

Knowledge. Tools. Support. And a Reset.

Maybe you’ve been told that depression, anxiety and stress are an imbalance in your brain. That something in you is broken, and you can only “fix” yourself pills. That idea is a terrible myth. What is broken — and outdated — is our healthcare system.

These myths handed down by trusted authorities are keeping you sick and confused.

But with the right knowledge and tools — combined with the right support — you can hit the reset button and awaken the person you were meant to be. Naturally.

You can heal yourself.

Dr. Brogan, author of the best-selling book, A Mind of Your Own, sees patients in her practice in NYC as a holistic psychiatrist. She told me:

“I’ve seen women come to me drained of energy. Overwhelmed by anxiety. Sunken by depression. And I’ve seen those same women walk away feeling fully alive again. Healthy. Self-assured and in control. All without drugs.”

Now, Dr. Brogan has taken the very same knowledge and tools she uses with her patients, and combined it with an online support program called Vital Mind Reset. With this life-changing, step-by-step program, you can take the steps to a better life from your own home, and for a fraction of the cost her patients pay.

Here’s what one Vital Mind Resetter had to say about her experience:

I did the reset diet when A Mind of Your Own came out and felt fantastic. However the changes I’ve experienced while doing the Vital Mind Reset program have been dramatically more than I ever expected. This wasn’t just about diet. It was about changing my mindset and focusing on all of the components that the program addresses. Having the support of other people working to change their lives as well was also invaluable.

Vital Mind Reset is a 44-day program that will hold your hand and introduce you to a community of people just like you – all working to transform their lives and revive their power and joy.

This is the first time Dr. Brogan has opened up enrollment for Vital Mind Reset to my followers. So, for a limited time you can join the program at a steep discount.

Visit the Vital Mind Reset page to learn more.



Is there a Natural Cure for Bipolar?

Did you know? Mental illness is highly preventable, treatable, and reversible using inexpensive natural cures? Just like many things out there, a better alternative treatment for Bipolar is already available. But why don’t you know about it?

Scurvy is something we all know the cure for, right? But how long did it take to become “common knowledge”? Scurvy symptoms include: General weakness, anemia, bleeding gums, loose teeth, depression, skin bruises/hemorrhage. It is Caused by a deficiency in vitamin C. We could have created a synthetic prescription like vitamin C to profit off of, but eating an orange is easier. So how long did it take for this simple natural cure to take effect? Well, let’s see…

1601: Lancaster – open controlled trial of citrus for scurvy; none died with lemon juice, 40% on ships without lemon juice died….Which is better? O% Mortality rate, or 40%? Duh….

1747: Lind replicated: randomized trial 6 treatments for scurvy; citrus superior to all other treatments

1795: British Admiralty ordered citrus on all navy ships

1865: British Board of Trade required citrus on all merchant ships

Lag from evidence to practice: 264 yr
Berwick, JAMA, 280(15): 1969-1975, 2003

So….what about mental illness? Is there as simple of a cure for mental health issues as there was for scurvy? Simple, then why did it take 264 years? Let’s look at some current case studies:

5000 BC- Egyptians were treating mental illness with specific foods, herbs, song, dance and art therapy.

460-370 BC Hippocrates: (Father of Modern Medicine) “All disease begins in the Gut.” He advocated that FOOD be the primary form of MEDICINE.

1757 – James Lind discovers vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy

1881-1959- Max Gerson cures cancer with detoxification and nutrition

1974- Linus Pauling- “The genes for mental illness are likely the genes that regulate brain metabolism of essential nutrients.”

1893-1988 – Roger J. Williams, P.h.D- Hall of Fame in orthomolecular nutrition. “When in doubt, try nutrition first.”

1908-1988- Carl C. Pfeiffer, M.D., P.h.D.- “For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect”– Pfeiffer’s Law Pfeiffer helped heal Schizophrenics by the thousands (studied 20,000!) in the ’70’s at his Brain Bio Center, mostly through nutrition and simple supplementation like zinc, B6, and amino acids.

2013- 20 independent research studies on Micronutrients for Mental Health that some show as much as 80% reduction in symptoms. When we will learn that scurvy was cured a long time ago, but so has the mystery of mental illness. It begins in the gut, with malabsorption of nutrients, leading to deficiencies. A malnourished brain, only 2% of our body weight, accounts for 20-50% of our nutritional needs. A malnourished brain will act up and act up. Is your brain depressed? Manic? Mad? Angry? Raging? Are your kids acting out? Feed them a Highly Potent, bioavailable micronutrient supplement (Like QuietMinds, EvinceNaturals…or Q96) and see the difference in 3 months or less! I recommend Q96 because it is the most potent, has the fewest pills to swallow, and it also the most affordable. (www.medfree.myqxlife.com). By signing up as a distributor I can even get it wholesale for my whole family (we all have brains, but I am the only bipolar (recovered)).

When we will learn? Will it be another 264 years before the cure to mental illness will be “common knowledge”?  I hope not!  One in 5 of our children will be diagnosed with a mental illness before the age of 18, I want to stop and reverse this.  If diet truly is the CAUSE of mental illness, then our grandchildren may be diagnosable at a rate of 50% if things do not change. I believe the is already a natural cure for Bipolar. What do you think? Remember if I am wrong….there will always be some latest and greatest drug to go back to and try. Med management will always be there to fall back on. Contact me if you would like to know more about how the Med Free Method(TM) works.


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Med Free Method(TM), Med Free Diet(TM) and Mental Mindset Recovery(TM) are all part of a simple plan to get well, be med free or on minimal doses, be mostly symptom-free, and to teach people how to fully recovery naturally from bipolar.

Starting a Micronutrient treatment for mental health


It is important to understand that there is more to this natural treatment option than just popping vitamins instead of prescription pills. After beginning a micronutrient protocol, there are many things to keep in mind, including the fact that you may get worse before you get better, you probably will not be able to take the supplements along with your medications indefinitely, there may be withdrawal symptoms as you transition off of medication, and that adjusting to what living a normal life is like can be much harder than most people anticipate.


There are also some physical issues that may need to be addressed because they can interfere with the med free protocol working, such as digestive issues, candida, use of antibiotics and antacids, lack of proper sleep and sleep aid use, poor diet, the correct amount of water and exercise, and substance abuse issues.


Micronutrients are a special recipe of vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and other nutrients that give your brain what it needs to balance itself and return to normal functioning. Micronutrients are not drugs that change chemical signaling, counteract symptoms, or dampen symptoms and numb emotions; they are food for a starving brain. Feed the brain and the brain can function properly, but take the food away, and the brain will begin to act up again. Although it is not certain exactly why yet, but possibly linked to other digestive conditions and vitamin absorption issues, people with central nervous system disorders, like bipolar, seem to need more nutrients than other people.aminormalyet




Because supplements do not work like drugs, you probably will not feel differently for a while. They need time to work their way into your system, replenish mal-nourished centers, and help your body to normalize brain operations. The brain may respond within hours, days, weeks, or months, so it is important to know that each person is different.

If you are currently on prescription medications, you will need to talk with your doctor about the importance of having a plan to slowly taper down and perhaps completely eliminate the medications. It is very dangerous to stop taking your medications right away, as most of them can have debilitating withdrawal symptoms if quit cold-turkey.

When you take your supplements to your doctors to get their opinions, they will most likely tell you that they are “fine” to take along with your meds, even “good for you”, but they will not believe or understand that the supplements could possibly work effectively enough to allow you to eliminate your medication. If your doctor does not believe that there could be a natural solution option to your treatment protocol, or is unwilling to help you safely taper off of your medications, then perhaps you should find a new doctor, if you can find one who will support your decision to try and heal through med free options.

However, if you continue to take the supplements along with your medications, you may make your symptoms much worse as well. As your brain balances out, you will quickly become over-medicated, and the very prescriptions that may have been beneficial to a starving brain can cause a litany of symptoms in a normalizing brain. Your symptoms will most likely mimic the symptoms of your disorder, causing you to think that the vitamins are not working at all and that you are getting sick or having an episode, so it is important that you educate yourself on what to expect.
There are three problems that can arise at this stage in your recovery program: it is possible for bipolar symptoms to break through due to a change in treatment, you may experience withdrawal symptoms as you reduce medications that can also mimic mental illness, and last, but certainly not least, the very medications that helped your condition may turn on you and cause the same symptoms they were designed to treat, including but not limited to: suicidal thoughts, racing thoughts, anxiety, nervousness, depression, and more, including physical symptoms such as sweating, upset stomach, and flu-like symtoms.

Many people confuse the symptoms of medication withdrawal and over-medication with their disorder. It is important to note, however, that the micronutrients themselves do not cause any of these symptoms, and if you stick with the program, you will most likely address and heal the underlying issues of your disorder. The goal is to be healed naturally, and to be medication and symptom-free. When you educate your expectations before-hand, your chances of sticking with the med free bipolar treatment long enough for it to work will increase exponentially.

After usually what takes several months of a transitional period, you can experience the health and healing that has been taking place in your body and mind all along due to the micronutrients. The levels and amounts of ingredients in Q96 are safe, even at the higher “loading-doses”, where in the beginning I was taking double the amount I need now as a “maintenence dose”. The most-commonly reported side effect has been minor, usually temporary stomach upset, especially when taking them on an empty stomach. I did hear of one new Q96 user who reported that his brain was “buzzing”, almost like he had bees in his brain, and his nerve-endings were tingling. I just thought this was incredibly cool evidence that the micronutrients were actually doing something, and that the ingredients were able to cross the blood-brain barrier and go to work. He reported that the “buzzing” went away after the first few days and has not returned.

Some people have quit or tried to quit their medications in the past and have found the symptoms of their disorder returning full-force. By simply stopping your medications, there leaves no buffer or filter between you and your disorder; but adding the Q96 first, well before you take your last dose of medication, gives your body and brain what it needs to stabilize functioning. Hopefully in a couple of months you will not need the medications, nor have the symptoms of bipolar to deal with.


Many psychiatric medications are as addictive as any other substance like tobacco, alcohol, or street drugs, but you may have no awareness of your body’s or mind’s dependence on them. After reducing or eliminating a particular prescription, you may find yourself craving it, or obsessing about it. Even many doctors are not fully aware of the side effects or withdrawal symptoms of the medications they prescribe or stop prescribing. It will most-likely be up to you to find out the withdrawal symptoms of the particular medications you are on. I have included a commonly-prescribed chart below, as well as tapering protocols, but remember that I am not a doctor, and it is important to find a doctor who can help you transition safely. If you are on your own, like I was when I started taking control of my disorder and it’s treatment, then you will need to do what is best for you as well as you can.

This is not a race, and even if it takes you 3, 6 or 12 months to gradually become med free bipolar, I can assure you that it will be worth it. I encourage you to give it all you can, to stick with it for as long as you can, so that you may know if you are in the 80% majority for whom this treatment plan can work. The years I spent unstable and unmedicated, or deadened on meds, or struggling to find the right combinations of meds, all while dealing with the side-effects and break-through bipolar symptoms, were the worst years of my life. I feel for those who, until now, have known no other options, perhaps for decades, and I hope that this information gives you hope and healing.