You’re not crazy, just Hangry

Imagine a sweet little puppy: happy, playful, not a care in the world. Now, take his food away for three days, then set a big steak in front of him teasingly, then try to take it from him; he will bite your hand off and has turned MEAN. This is the case in about 80%+* of cases causing mental illness: the brain is just HANGRY. 

When a horse chews on a fence-post it is called “cribbing”, known to farmers as a sign of mineral deficiency or digestive distress. When humans act out, it is the same. Signs of micronutrient mineral deficiencies include: cutting/self-harm tendencies, hair-pulling, skin picking, autistic “stimming”, eating disorders, & most mental health disorders.

The brain requires about 20% of your entire nutritional needs, and just like a baby in the womb, it requires the first 20%! Most people aren’t psychiatric because they aren’t more than 80% depleted nutritionally. We are seeing more and more cases due to our depleted soils, processed food addiction, leaky gut, lack of probiotic  & healthy gut microbes that help assimilate nutrition, and genetic deficiencies that can actually be passed down. (i.e> folic acid and birth defects, potassium deficiency leads to moles & freckles)

I talk about this quite a bit in my book: Med Free Bipolar (Amazon), about Physical Ailments that can cause psychiatric symptoms, and HOW to fix them, step by step, with the med free method™

Here is a list of things that can look psychiatric, or cause people to be diagnosed:
· Hypoglycemia (including subclinical)
· Allergies and Sensitivities to Food, Inhalants, and Other Substances
· Dysbiosis (Overgrowth of unfriendly gut organisms, including Candida)
· Nutrient Deficiency
· Nutrient Overload
· Copper/Zinc Imbalance
· Poor Diet
· Mercury Toxicity
· Other Heavy Metals Toxicity
· Toxins (Carbon Monoxide, Pesticides, Aspartame©, etc.)
· Subclinical Hypothyroidism
· Adrenal Insufficiency
· Reproductive Hormone Imbalance
· Histamine Imbalance
· Pyroluria/ Over-Under Methylation/ MTHFR
· Lack of Exercise
· Lack of Sunlight
· Lack of Exposure to Greenery
· Suppressed Pain
· Musculo-Skeletal Misalignment
· Hearing Disorders
· Visual Disorders
· Sleeping Disorders
· Head Injury
· Sensory Integration Dysfunction
· Dental and Orthodontic Problems
· Parasites/ Urinary Tract Infections/ Antobiotics/ Leaky Gut/ Other microbiome issues
· Psychotropic Drugs, EMF/ELF

So, what if you could reverse some if not all of these issues through simple supplementation?! Some issues may require extensive gut-healing, dietary changes, and customized supplementation, but most can experience relief through a specific group of supplements. Here is a simplified version of my med free method™ that you can do immediately:

  1. Himalayan Pink Salt (2 tsp/day) & Lots of Good, clean, filtered or Alkaline Water!
  2. Empowerplus Q96 Brain Vitamin to feed the whole central nervous system (Backed by 20yrs clinical use, 28 medical studies, 44 researchers including Harvard, and $25 million in independent research. Few meds can top this proof. Nothing else can be substituted for this and work as well!) (Please order at to save $ over Amazon or truehope) Research @
  3. Probiotics (QBiotics or Primal Defense) + Digestive Enzymes or Bitters 
  4. Essential Fatty Acids: Coconut Oil (eat it, put on skin), Omegas, Avocados, Grass-fed Butter, Ghee (My fist recommend for omega source is Green Pasture’s Blue Ice Royal Fermented Cod-liver with Butter Oil. It provides vitamin D & Vit K2) If you can’t tolerate it, then QOmega can be purchased with the Q96 and does not burp fish oil)

That’s it! Yes, this plan would run you about $120 per month, but because of this regime, I was able to live a normal life again. Work, get off public assistance, have healthy children and a marriage. I have been med free 13 years now, and a few days to a few weeks without my brain being fed the above nutrients, I return to bat-guano HANGRY. We have helped thousands now fully recover…. so please share this with anyone who might benefit.

Great Resources:

Safe Harbor ( (My affiliate link discount passed on to you!) Select one item to cart and one item to auto-delivery for your own wholesale pricing! Even my retail pricing is cheaper than TrueHope or Amazon

Best-selling book: Med Free Bipolar 

Kelly Brogan, MD — Holistic Psychiatrist 

*TrueHope Nutritional Support, Canada (based on 28 research studies spanning 20 years)


Forced medication legislation impacts every State

The out patient forced treatment bill passed…people can now be forcibly drugged in their own homes in every state in the country.

NY Times, 5 hours ago:

As if it is not bad enough that psychiatric patients have in the past been chained to walls, lobotomized, shocked, and now forced to ride in handcuffs and police escorts to the hospital, people can now be forcibly drugged in their own homes in every state in the country. The treatment of mental health patients has got to evolve. I usually do not get too involved in politics, rants, agendas or other tirades, but this infuriates me.

Canada denied my friend Autumn Stringam access to their micronutrient treatments because they were NOT approved bipolar medication, even though they effectively worked for thousands of patients. Autumn had to go all the way to Parliament to fight for her right to self-treat bipolar naturally. That could now happen in America as well. 

I have been medication free with bipolar disorder type one, ADD, and anxiety for over ten years. I would NOT go back. It may be extreme to say that I would rather die than go back on psych meds, but that is how I feel at this moment. If I were to get sick enough to be hospitalized ever again, I would comply with the medications just long enough to get out of the crisis. After the emergency was over, I would work hard to return to my full mental health using the Med Free Method that I developed for myself and others over the years. However, if, when I got out, I were forced to take medications under court order, I do not think I would be able to stand it in comparison to the taste of normal living and health I have enjoyed for so many years. It would be a death sentence. It would kill my hopes, dreams, and kidneys. I want my civil rights protected. I want the choice to thrive naturally with bipolar, not have that choice taken from me in lieu of medicated stupor. 


What tragedy befalls us. This is dangerous legislation.


A collection on Forced Treatment (which the UN appropriately calls torture):  Coercion, subtle or otherwise, is the rule in psychiatric care…


Is The Med Free Method™ or the upcoming book: Med Free Bipolar™ right for you, your loved one, or your patient? Take the Quiz


Not sure whether the Med Free Method™ (or Book Med Free Bipolar) is the right choice for your situation? 

Quizzes: Is the Med Free Method™ right for you?


The Med Free Method™ is not for everyone. I believe it is the best answer for approximately 80-90% of those diagnosed or suspecting of a bipolar condition, but it is not a magic pill or method, so please take the time to determine whether it might be right for you, a loved one, or a patient before investing in the process. Approximately 60%-70% may be able to become 100% medication free, while others may need to continue a smaller dose of medication in conjunction with the Med Free Method™. Sometimes it does need to be all or nothing, as some of the protocols can interact with psychotropic medication, but a few find they do better with a combination of the two. There is no absolute right or wrong, only what is best for you.

Nothing worthwhile is always easy. Although some parts of our method are as simple as adding in some daily foundational supplementation, other parts require both a physical, mental, and spiritual workout. Take the following two quizzes to help determine if the Med Free Method™ is right for you, your loved one, or your patient:



  • Are you currently having suicidal thoughts or attempts?


  • Have you been hospitalized in the past 30 days?


  • Have you been hospitalized four or more times in the last 12 months?


  • Are you doing extremely well managing your condition now using medication?


  • Have you found another natural remedy and are symptom-free?


  • Are you well tolerant of the side effects of your current medication?


  • Do you like being able to numb away the effects of your condition with medications?


  • Have you been to jail due to your condition one or more times in the past 2 years?
  • Do you have trouble remembering to take anything regularly, including medications or supplements?


STOP: If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then the Med Free Method™ may not be right for you. Sometimes rocking the boat can make matters worse, not better. Get stable or enjoy being stable where you are, and then consider re-evaluating if things change.


QUIZ #2: For the Bipolar:


  • Have you been diagnosed with bipolar and are looking at all viable treatment options?


  • Are you currently un-medicated?


  • Does a medicine free option for Bipolar appeal to you?


  • Would you just like to learn some new coping skills?


  • Do you think about going off of your medications often?


  • Do you experience every side effect listed on the medications you take?


  • Do the medications make you feel worse or only slightly better?


  • Have you gained weight on the medications?


  • Have the medications interfered with your sex life?


  • Are you still getting symptoms break through that you would like to end?


  • Are your symptoms as few as you would like?


  • Would you like a natural approach to managing your bipolar?


  • Are you tired of feeling horrible?


  • Are you hopeless about past options?


  • Are you tired of endless medication adjustments?


  • Do you feel like a medical guinea pig?


  • Do you feel your doctor never listens or knows what you are going through?


  • Do you have a good support person?


  • Would your doctor help you transition into a natural treatment option?


  • Are you on disability or food stamps due to your condition and feel ashamed?


  • Do you ever wonder if there could be a better way?


  • Do you dream of a better life, one without a diagnosis?


  • Do you debate between which is worse: the medications or the illness?


  • Would you like to be able to possibly eliminate or reduce the amount and dosages of the medications you take?


  • Does the idea of a normal, medication free life interest you?


If you answered “Yes” to three or more, then the Med Free Method™ might be right for you.

“Contemplate the similarities between the

phrases ‘being patient’ and ‘being a patient’”

–Kay Redfield Jamison



QUIZ #3: For the Practitioner/Doctor


  • As a practitioner, do you want to be informed of what is out there? ie: Informed Consent


  • As a practitioner, do you want to know about what your patients might be trying at home?


  • As a practitioner, do you want to be able to present all viable treatment choices to your patients?


  • As a practitioner, do you have a treatment-resistant patient?


  • As a practitioner, do you specialize already in alternative or natural treatments?


If you answered “Yes” to one or more, then I would recommend the Med Free Method™ for you, your staff and possibly for your patients.



QUIZ #4: For a Support Person


  1. Do you know someone with bipolar? Are they struggling?


  1. Do you know someone who you think might have bipolar?


  1. Do you, a friend or a loved one have a child with behavior issues?


  1. Does your loved one refuse treatment or medication?


  1. Does your loved one refuse to admit they might have a problem?


  1. Are you afraid to leave your loved one alone?


  1. Are you tired of how out of control their life is?


  1. Do you fear your loved one will end up in a hospital or institution?


  1. Do you fear the police or jail may be in the future?


  1. Are you willing to help them find a better way?


  1. Are you willing or capable of helping them fund supplements or alternative treatments for a time?


If you answered “Yes” to two or more, then the Med Free Method™ may be a viable option for you to introduce them to or help them implement. Remember that this is a process, a journey, and it is not a race. It may only take a few weeks for some, but for others, including me, it took months to get stable and then years to get completely well. I am still learning, and will never know it all.

The Med Free Method™ is based on the premise that for every prescription out there, a natural alternative exists. It was not developed by a doctor, but simply a fully-recovered psych patient intent on getting better, and then a mom motivated to help her children. Aspen Has been medication-free for ten years and lives out most of the principles in the Med Free Method™ every day.

Med Free Bipolar- Excerpt from Chapter One:


Imagine what it would be like to be driving a wagon train, headed out West: dreams, goals, aspirations and a promising future ahead of you. Then out of no where, a bandit grabs hold of the reigns, takes the wagon for a “joy ride,” and then runs the wagon off of a cliff, almost killing you and leaving you to die at the bottom of a dark ravine. Worse yet, your family and friends in the trailing wagons did not see the bandit, and thought you ran the wagon off the cliff on purpose and blame you. Bipolar is that bandit.

Some people think of bipolar, formerly known as manic depression, as simply being really happy or sad sometimes. I often hear: “Isn’t everybody a little bipolar?” I do not think so, and if you truly had even a little taste of what it is like to have bipolar, you would never say that.

It can come out of nowhere, like a split personality, and make you do things your normal, real you would have never chosen to do. Party and drink out of character, buy businesses or cars, rack up credit cards, fly all over the country, get in fights, think you can fly: do whatever you would do if you had no inhibitions, no filters or brakes on your brain. It is at that point not a question of right or wrong, moral or immoral. Whatever your brain wants your brain gets, like a drug addict who never voluntarily took their first hit.

Your brain is designed to have checks and balances, filters and reason. Imagine if those malfunctioned. Imagine actually saying all those things out loud that you think in your head and not being able to help it, watching the words run out of your mouth like sesame street cartoon letters on legs, grasping for them but being too late. It takes away choice, it demands to be fed and paid attention to, and it can destroy everything in its path like a tornado.

“The disease that has, on several occasions, nearly killed me does kill tens of thousands of people every year: most are young, most die unnecessarily, and many are among the most imaginative and gifted that we as a society have.” –Kay Redfield Jamison, “An Unquiet Mind”, NY: Random House,1995

It can also be fun and exciting at times, like being able to fly and float, flit on top of the world. Hypomania and mania can feel like the movie “Limitless,” where you are bright, creative, witty and funny. Ideas and creative juices flow in boundless energy, self-motivation is not a problem, reigning yourself in is. You can wake up rested and excited with only a few hours of sleep, if you can sleep at all. You can hear every sound and see every leaf in exquisite detail. You can feel like you have super powers at times, even perhaps you do. But what goes up comes down, fast and hard and terrifyingly so. “Welcome to the Depths of Despair, no one escapes, so don’t even try,” as it is said so eloquently in the movie Princess Bride. Just as mania can enhance every sensation, depression can rob a person of all light, all color, all smell, all taste, all hope, and all joy. It can kill.

Bipolar seems to be one of the most misunderstood disorders out there. I hope to shed some light on the disorder but not dwell on it incessantly, especially since my goal is to mostly eradicate its effects and symptoms and traditional treatment plans. Those who read this book and are willing to work hard at implementing the MedFreeMethod™ may have a light to hold onto to carry them through the storm.

An important thing to understand is that like with snowflakes and personalities, no two people with bipolar are exactly alike. You cannot stereotype or put them in a mold. This is part of what makes bipolar difficult to diagnose and treat. Thankfully the Med Free Method does not need a diagnosis in order to be implemented.


Is there a Natural Cure for Bipolar?

Did you know? Mental illness is highly preventable, treatable, and reversible using inexpensive natural cures? Just like many things out there, a better alternative treatment for Bipolar is already available. But why don’t you know about it?

Scurvy is something we all know the cure for, right? But how long did it take to become “common knowledge”? Scurvy symptoms include: General weakness, anemia, bleeding gums, loose teeth, depression, skin bruises/hemorrhage. It is Caused by a deficiency in vitamin C. We could have created a synthetic prescription like vitamin C to profit off of, but eating an orange is easier. So how long did it take for this simple natural cure to take effect? Well, let’s see…

1601: Lancaster – open controlled trial of citrus for scurvy; none died with lemon juice, 40% on ships without lemon juice died….Which is better? O% Mortality rate, or 40%? Duh….

1747: Lind replicated: randomized trial 6 treatments for scurvy; citrus superior to all other treatments

1795: British Admiralty ordered citrus on all navy ships

1865: British Board of Trade required citrus on all merchant ships

Lag from evidence to practice: 264 yr
Berwick, JAMA, 280(15): 1969-1975, 2003

So….what about mental illness? Is there as simple of a cure for mental health issues as there was for scurvy? Simple, then why did it take 264 years? Let’s look at some current case studies:

5000 BC- Egyptians were treating mental illness with specific foods, herbs, song, dance and art therapy.

460-370 BC Hippocrates: (Father of Modern Medicine) “All disease begins in the Gut.” He advocated that FOOD be the primary form of MEDICINE.

1757 – James Lind discovers vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy

1881-1959- Max Gerson cures cancer with detoxification and nutrition

1974- Linus Pauling- “The genes for mental illness are likely the genes that regulate brain metabolism of essential nutrients.”

1893-1988 – Roger J. Williams, P.h.D- Hall of Fame in orthomolecular nutrition. “When in doubt, try nutrition first.”

1908-1988- Carl C. Pfeiffer, M.D., P.h.D.- “For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect”– Pfeiffer’s Law Pfeiffer helped heal Schizophrenics by the thousands (studied 20,000!) in the ’70’s at his Brain Bio Center, mostly through nutrition and simple supplementation like zinc, B6, and amino acids.

2013- 20 independent research studies on Micronutrients for Mental Health that some show as much as 80% reduction in symptoms. When we will learn that scurvy was cured a long time ago, but so has the mystery of mental illness. It begins in the gut, with malabsorption of nutrients, leading to deficiencies. A malnourished brain, only 2% of our body weight, accounts for 20-50% of our nutritional needs. A malnourished brain will act up and act up. Is your brain depressed? Manic? Mad? Angry? Raging? Are your kids acting out? Feed them a Highly Potent, bioavailable micronutrient supplement (Like QuietMinds, EvinceNaturals…or Q96) and see the difference in 3 months or less! I recommend Q96 because it is the most potent, has the fewest pills to swallow, and it also the most affordable. ( By signing up as a distributor I can even get it wholesale for my whole family (we all have brains, but I am the only bipolar (recovered)).

When we will learn? Will it be another 264 years before the cure to mental illness will be “common knowledge”?  I hope not!  One in 5 of our children will be diagnosed with a mental illness before the age of 18, I want to stop and reverse this.  If diet truly is the CAUSE of mental illness, then our grandchildren may be diagnosable at a rate of 50% if things do not change. I believe the is already a natural cure for Bipolar. What do you think? Remember if I am wrong….there will always be some latest and greatest drug to go back to and try. Med management will always be there to fall back on. Contact me if you would like to know more about how the Med Free Method(TM) works.                                                          bizpic

Med Free Method(TM), Med Free Diet(TM) and Mental Mindset Recovery(TM) are all part of a simple plan to get well, be med free or on minimal doses, be mostly symptom-free, and to teach people how to fully recovery naturally from bipolar.