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I have been asked for a program that would help them beyond my book, Med Free Bipolar. A program to walk them through becoming med free and mind free. This program is the closest thing to the program that I would create myself. If one were to add in the Empowerplus™ Q96 brain vitamins on top of this 44-day Program, I believe extraordinary healing will occur in the brain! I highly encourage you to take advantage of this special offer Dr. Kelly Brogan is giving my readers: a Free eBook, a free chapter, a free Q&A session with her (9/16/16), and $100 off her program (only through 9/20/16!) Blessings & Med Free Health!  –Aspen Morrow


What would you give to feel whole again?

According to my friend, Dr. Kelly Brogan, this is all you really need to change your life:

Knowledge. Tools. Support. And a Reset.

Maybe you’ve been told that depression, anxiety and stress are an imbalance in your brain. That something in you is broken, and you can only “fix” yourself pills. That idea is a terrible myth. What is broken — and outdated — is our healthcare system.

These myths handed down by trusted authorities are keeping you sick and confused.

But with the right knowledge and tools — combined with the right support — you can hit the reset button and awaken the person you were meant to be. Naturally.

You can heal yourself.

Dr. Brogan, author of the best-selling book, A Mind of Your Own, sees patients in her practice in NYC as a holistic psychiatrist. She told me:

“I’ve seen women come to me drained of energy. Overwhelmed by anxiety. Sunken by depression. And I’ve seen those same women walk away feeling fully alive again. Healthy. Self-assured and in control. All without drugs.”

Now, Dr. Brogan has taken the very same knowledge and tools she uses with her patients, and combined it with an online support program called Vital Mind Reset. With this life-changing, step-by-step program, you can take the steps to a better life from your own home, and for a fraction of the cost her patients pay.

Here’s what one Vital Mind Resetter had to say about her experience:

I did the reset diet when A Mind of Your Own came out and felt fantastic. However the changes I’ve experienced while doing the Vital Mind Reset program have been dramatically more than I ever expected. This wasn’t just about diet. It was about changing my mindset and focusing on all of the components that the program addresses. Having the support of other people working to change their lives as well was also invaluable.

Vital Mind Reset is a 44-day program that will hold your hand and introduce you to a community of people just like you – all working to transform their lives and revive their power and joy.

This is the first time Dr. Brogan has opened up enrollment for Vital Mind Reset to my followers. So, for a limited time you can join the program at a steep discount.

Visit the Vital Mind Reset page to learn more.



You’re not crazy, just Hangry

Imagine a sweet little puppy: happy, playful, not a care in the world. Now, take his food away for three days, then set a big steak in front of him teasingly, then try to take it from him; he will bite your hand off and has turned MEAN. This is the case in about 80%+* of cases causing mental illness: the brain is just HANGRY. 

When a horse chews on a fence-post it is called “cribbing”, known to farmers as a sign of mineral deficiency or digestive distress. When humans act out, it is the same. Signs of micronutrient mineral deficiencies include: cutting/self-harm tendencies, hair-pulling, skin picking, autistic “stimming”, eating disorders, & most mental health disorders.

The brain requires about 20% of your entire nutritional needs, and just like a baby in the womb, it requires the first 20%! Most people aren’t psychiatric because they aren’t more than 80% depleted nutritionally. We are seeing more and more cases due to our depleted soils, processed food addiction, leaky gut, lack of probiotic  & healthy gut microbes that help assimilate nutrition, and genetic deficiencies that can actually be passed down. (i.e> folic acid and birth defects, potassium deficiency leads to moles & freckles)

I talk about this quite a bit in my book: Med Free Bipolar (Amazon), about Physical Ailments that can cause psychiatric symptoms, and HOW to fix them, step by step, with the med free method™

Here is a list of things that can look psychiatric, or cause people to be diagnosed:
· Hypoglycemia (including subclinical)
· Allergies and Sensitivities to Food, Inhalants, and Other Substances
· Dysbiosis (Overgrowth of unfriendly gut organisms, including Candida)
· Nutrient Deficiency
· Nutrient Overload
· Copper/Zinc Imbalance
· Poor Diet
· Mercury Toxicity
· Other Heavy Metals Toxicity
· Toxins (Carbon Monoxide, Pesticides, Aspartame©, etc.)
· Subclinical Hypothyroidism
· Adrenal Insufficiency
· Reproductive Hormone Imbalance
· Histamine Imbalance
· Pyroluria/ Over-Under Methylation/ MTHFR
· Lack of Exercise
· Lack of Sunlight
· Lack of Exposure to Greenery
· Suppressed Pain
· Musculo-Skeletal Misalignment
· Hearing Disorders
· Visual Disorders
· Sleeping Disorders
· Head Injury
· Sensory Integration Dysfunction
· Dental and Orthodontic Problems
· Parasites/ Urinary Tract Infections/ Antobiotics/ Leaky Gut/ Other microbiome issues
· Psychotropic Drugs, EMF/ELF

So, what if you could reverse some if not all of these issues through simple supplementation?! Some issues may require extensive gut-healing, dietary changes, and customized supplementation, but most can experience relief through a specific group of supplements. Here is a simplified version of my med free method™ that you can do immediately:

  1. Himalayan Pink Salt (2 tsp/day) & Lots of Good, clean, filtered or Alkaline Water!
  2. Empowerplus Q96 Brain Vitamin to feed the whole central nervous system (Backed by 20yrs clinical use, 28 medical studies, 44 researchers including Harvard, and $25 million in independent research. Few meds can top this proof. Nothing else can be substituted for this and work as well!) (Please order at www.medfreechild.com to save $ over Amazon or truehope) Research @ truehope.com/research
  3. Probiotics (QBiotics or Primal Defense) + Digestive Enzymes or Bitters 
  4. Essential Fatty Acids: Coconut Oil (eat it, put on skin), Omegas, Avocados, Grass-fed Butter, Ghee (My fist recommend for omega source is Green Pasture’s Blue Ice Royal Fermented Cod-liver with Butter Oil. It provides vitamin D & Vit K2) If you can’t tolerate it, then QOmega can be purchased with the Q96 and does not burp fish oil)

That’s it! Yes, this plan would run you about $120 per month, but because of this regime, I was able to live a normal life again. Work, get off public assistance, have healthy children and a marriage. I have been med free 13 years now, and a few days to a few weeks without my brain being fed the above nutrients, I return to bat-guano HANGRY. We have helped thousands now fully recover…. so please share this with anyone who might benefit.

Great Resources:

Safe Harbor (http://www.alternativementalhealth.com)


www.medfreechild.com (My affiliate link discount passed on to you!) Select one item to cart and one item to auto-delivery for your own wholesale pricing! Even my retail pricing is cheaper than TrueHope or Amazon

Best-selling book: Med Free Bipolar 

Kelly Brogan, MD — Holistic Psychiatrist 

*TrueHope Nutritional Support, Canada (based on 28 research studies spanning 20 years)

Patty Duke Predicted the Future of Mental Health


I wish Patty Duke had been a Med Free Bipolar

I was born and raised in Idaho, and one year ago when Patty Duke spoke at a women’s conference in Boise, I was unaware that she also lived in Idaho. We had a Q&A session with her, and I raised my hand. When she called on me I jokingly stated that I thought I was the most famous bipolar person in Idaho, but she obviously trumps me and my little ‘ol book.

I do not even remember what I asked her, I wish I did. Afterwards I waited in line a long time, and she signed a couple of my books for gifts to other people, and I gave her a signed copy of mine.

But I do remember one profound statement she made, eerily prophetic more than even she knew at the time. She said, and I may slightly misquote: “I believe that a cure for Bipolar will be found, and I don’t think it will be medication.” She incessantly licked her lips as a side effect of years on lithium, and I saw a glimpse of myself in 30 years if I had not found an alternative to meds.

I wish we could have met years ago, before the lithium side effects took their toll on her, and she could have given me countless insight as well. Her prophetic words will forever be with me now, markedly even more pronounced by her death. There is an answer already to bipolar and all types of brain disorders. Like she alluded to…it is not medication, but rather addresses the root of the issue: severe brain deficiencies, carried over from generations of depletion. But the good news is that is is fixable, with 20 plus years of research behind it. I do not have the voice, or the pull, or the clout that Patty did, but she had the heart, like I do, and so even if not together now, I will find a way to give voice to the voiceless…hope to the hopeless…and will fight until that message is as famous as she was. Rest in peace Patty, and I am so sorry I did not try harder to share my message of recovery with you. You and your work and your fight for people like me will not be forgotten.

Aspen L. Morrow, Author of Med Free Bipolar

Forced medication legislation impacts every State

The out patient forced treatment bill passed…people can now be forcibly drugged in their own homes in every state in the country.

NY Times, 5 hours ago: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/03/health/mental-health-groups-split-on-bill-to-revamp-care.html?hpw&rref=health&_r=0

As if it is not bad enough that psychiatric patients have in the past been chained to walls, lobotomized, shocked, and now forced to ride in handcuffs and police escorts to the hospital, people can now be forcibly drugged in their own homes in every state in the country. The treatment of mental health patients has got to evolve. I usually do not get too involved in politics, rants, agendas or other tirades, but this infuriates me.

Canada denied my friend Autumn Stringam access to their micronutrient treatments because they were NOT approved bipolar medication, even though they effectively worked for thousands of patients. Autumn had to go all the way to Parliament to fight for her right to self-treat bipolar naturally. That could now happen in America as well. 

I have been medication free with bipolar disorder type one, ADD, and anxiety for over ten years. I would NOT go back. It may be extreme to say that I would rather die than go back on psych meds, but that is how I feel at this moment. If I were to get sick enough to be hospitalized ever again, I would comply with the medications just long enough to get out of the crisis. After the emergency was over, I would work hard to return to my full mental health using the Med Free Method that I developed for myself and others over the years. However, if, when I got out, I were forced to take medications under court order, I do not think I would be able to stand it in comparison to the taste of normal living and health I have enjoyed for so many years. It would be a death sentence. It would kill my hopes, dreams, and kidneys. I want my civil rights protected. I want the choice to thrive naturally with bipolar, not have that choice taken from me in lieu of medicated stupor. 


What tragedy befalls us. This is dangerous legislation.


A collection on Forced Treatment (which the UN appropriately calls torture):  Coercion, subtle or otherwise, is the rule in psychiatric care…


So you have been diagnosed Bipolar or DMDD, what does that mean?


Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder differs from Bipolar in that it is the newest diagnosis to come out in the DSM-IV used by doctors for diagnostic criteria. It may contain some of the following symptoms or may just look like someone who is lacking the ability to control emotions. It is going to be one of most-used diagnoses we see up and coming in children. But there is way more to it than just a spoiled child throwing temper tantrums, as it is important to understand that it is a neurobiological brain disorder (NBD)

Bipolar in a Box*: The diagnostic Criteria

*Please keep in mind that just because you know yourself, perhaps diagnosed with Bipolar I or II, or have a loved one or patient with bipolar, none of us can be put into a box or a stereo-type. You cannot assume that just because one person acts a certain way, that all people with bipolar act that way. Here are some generalities, but they may or may not apply to you or your loved one.

Please read them only to gain a better understanding of the disorder, without judgment, and try to read it in light of the fact that this is a medical condition, not a moral or character flaw. The brain literally does have a mind of it’s own, and judging someone for reaching out for help in any way they can get it is like denying a diabetic insulin.

FORMAT IN A CHART: Symptoms differ from person to person but may include some or many of the following:

Bipolar Disorder I & II

• Periods of major depression interspersed with episodes of mania
• Bipolar I is a more severe form, with full manic episodes that may include hallucinations and delusions
• Bipolar II patients have more symptoms of depression and identification of mania may be delayed (often-times diagnosed with depression first)
• Onset is frequently in young adulthood
• Moods not usually related to external events

Mania Symptoms

• Extremely silly, optimistic, euphoric, or irritable moods
• Volatile anger, aggression, agitation
• Inflated self-esteem, confidence, grandeur
• Decreased need or ability to sleep
• Bizarre, racing thoughts or ideas
• Rapid or excessive speech
• Lack of focus, easily distracted, or hyper focused
• Impulsive, risky behavior
• Excessive spending
• Promiscuity, hyper sexuality
• Substance Abuse
• Highly impaired ability to function

Hypomanic Symptoms

1. Flight of ideas, jumping from topic to topic
2. Filled with energy
3. Flooded with ideas
4. Driven, restless, and unable to keep still
5. Channels energy into wildly grand ambitions
6. Often works on little sleep
7. Feels brilliant, special, chosen, perhaps even destined to change the world
8. Can be euphoric
9. Easily irritated by minor obstacles
10. A risk taker
11. Overspends in both business and personal life
12. Acts out sexually- elevated sex drive
13. Sometimes acts impulsively with poor judgment and painful consequences
14. Fast talking, witty and gregarious
15. Confidence can make him/her charismatic and persuasive
16. Prone to make enemies and feels persecuted by those who don’t see vision and mission

Source: John Hopkins Symptoms & Remedies (New York: Medletter Association, 1999), 344; Current Medical Diagnoses & Treatment (New York: McGraw-Hill, 2004), 1029; John D. Gartner, The Hypomanic Edge- The Link Between (a little) Craziness and (a lot of) Success in America (Simon & Schuster, 2011)

Do you feel like you completely understand Bipolar now? Unless you have been in the shoes of every bipolar individual, you can’t fully understand. It can be confusing, but imagine trying to live with it. When the brain cannot think and process properly, actions and behaviors are difficult if not impossible to control. This makes it difficult to differentiate between chosen behavior and the “disorder’s behavior”.

I am not saying that all actions and wrong choices that people with bipolar make should be blamed on the disorder, but most things would not have happened had the brain been properly nourished and balanced. An imbalanced, under-nourished brain will act out.

Mania can look like:

1. Anger
2. Rage
3. Agitation
4. Frustration
5. Picking pointless fights
6. Hypersensitivity (“Surround Sound” effect to stimuli like chip chewing, noises, crowds)
7. Exaggerations
8. Lying/Story telling
9. Compulsive uncontrollable shoplifting/ Shopping sprees
10. Impulsive
11. Lack-of common sense/ Logical decision making
12. Won’t quit talking, pressured speech
13. Impetuous behavior
14. Doing things out a character (like a prudent person having one-night stands or partying)
15. Sudden changes in normal activities and behaviors
16. Brilliant creativity

Mania can feel like:

1. You can do anything, accomplish anything
2. Your heart is going to explode
3. Mind is racing ahead of you, won’t shut up or turn off
4. Many thoughts and ideas at once
5. A Ferris wheel that won’t stop
6. Like everyone else is in slow motion
7. Sounds and sensations are in your cells
8. Colors are more brilliant and beautiful
9. Ideas are brilliant and original
10. Anything is possible
11. You see red and can’t control what you do
12. Paranoia
13. Everything everyone does is stupid and annoying
14. No one understands you/ no one gets it
15. Every decision you make is right
16. Every decision you make is wrong
17. Choice, reason, and logic is completely taken away from you
18. You would run every friend or relationship off without meaning to
19. Just being in the moment without regard to consequences

I hope this helps give a better understanding. The best way I can describe how horrible of a disorder this is is like this:

Imagine if someone hijacked your body, took it for a joy-ride, and then returned it battered, bruised, beaten, and depressed. It is like being a run-away who was forced heroine and then became an addict without voluntarily taking the first hit. If you or a loved one have a brain disorder, it can be devastating for everyone involved. Understanding, forgiveness, and love are the best medicines available for this condition.

Is The Med Free Method™ or the upcoming book: Med Free Bipolar™ right for you, your loved one, or your patient? Take the Quiz

Is The Med Free Method™ or the upcoming book: Med Free Bipolar™ right for you, your loved one, or your patient? Take the Quiz.

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